Complete 3 page APA formatted essay: Systems and Multicultural Approaches.Multicultural approaches examinations the effect of culture on the way People think, act, and feel. Culture is s known group of people who share behaviors’, values and Customs, for example, Deaf community, gays, and lesbians, etc. Deaf people have their culture because the used the common sign language, go to the same churches, social organization, schools, and the same way of interacting with one another. Culture can also be defined according to the variables that identifies cultural group of persons, this is as per the career development theories (Hartung, 2002).For this case study Juan has four problems that should be approached namely loneliness, he doesn’t have job, problem with working with the community because he is was told he doesn’t enough information about the local community and finally been negatively seen because of his age. These problems can be handled by the combination of both Systems and Multicultural Approaches.The first problems of loneliness and job can be solved by system approach since these problems are more of relationship than cultural. The loneliness can be solve may be by encourage either Juan of his family to relocated so that they can live close and remove the loneliness.The other issue of Juan being perceives as not having enough information about the local trends and the negativity because of his age can be handled by multicultural approach because it is a cultural issue and not relationship issue. The local community should be educated and encouraged to welcome Juan irrespective of where he comes from. furthermore Juan should try and learn more about the local community where he wants to work. Finally the issue of seen negatively because of his age when his charges come to trial can also be handled using Multicultural approach, this is because it seems in this community where Juan stay and in courts of laws don’t believe old people can be charged because of solicitation. They should be educated in order