Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on family food menu simulation. It is therefore important to note that this is a better that can help in the making of the life better by reducing the individual’s spending habits in a family and thereby making life to seem less costly (Hatmut, 2007).Another important point that cannot go without highlighting is that this paper delves on the people or families that are living in the poverty threshold. Family threshold can be defined as the minimum and the lowest level of income that is considered in a given economy. This is the lowest wage rate that is paid in a given economy and so the paper discusses how these families that are falling in this category can manage to survive and make ends meet in their normal life situation and also how they can eat healthy meals that are also nutritious for the better of their health. This paper has therefore provided reliable information concerning this and has even provided a menu that such families can use for the whole week to eat healthy meals (Hatmut, 2007).In the selection of the family profile, the profile that will be appropriate for the discussion in the paper is a profile that has four people. In this profile, it is important to highlight that the make up for the family is that there is one male, one female and two children. It is also important to highlight that the ages are that the adults, that is the male and the female are at the ages of 20 to 50 years and that the children are at the ages of 8 years and 15 years of ages. It is quite important to note that in nutrition concept, there is need for the consumers to determine their meals of consumption based on the age. This is so because of the differences in the rates of the body metabolism that they undergo in the living (Hatmut, 2007).Age is a vital factor that should always be put into consideration before the preparation of any menu for the family.