Hi, need to submit a 2000 words paper on the topic Tourism Destination Development. The paper shows that the area needs further research so that tourism could be maximized without causing any harm to marine mammals. Unauthorized vessels carry tourists which causes tension between them and the permitted tour operators. Measures have to be adopted to ensure development by way of investing in promotion, research, education, and training. The local communities could be involved to operate as guides and in educating the tourists. The nature of tourism has changed in the last decade and new kinds of tourism particularly ecotourism has emerged as the fastest-growing segment within the travel and tourism industry (Herbig & O’Hara, 1997). Ecotourism involves travel to experience natural environments or settings. It is responsible for travel that conserves the natural environment and sustains the well-being of the people. In order to achieve these objectives tourism must be sustainable from an economic, political, social and environmental point of view (Tisdell, 1997). In New Zealand, nature and culture visits have increased manifolds in the last decade (Herbig & O’Hara, 1997). According to the Deputy Secretary of the New Zealand Ministry of the Environment, ecotourism has grown at a rate eight times faster than traditional tourism. NZ is a disadvantaged destination as it lies half-way between the equator and the South Pole, a little bigger than the UK, slightly small than Japan, 2000km east of Australia (Morgan, Pritchard, Piggott, 2003). It comprises two main islands the north and the south and many small islands with a population of 3 million people (Higham & Carr, 2003). New Zealand is in a unique position to capitalize on its spectacular scenery, native flora and fauna as ecotourism in NZ are in the early stages of development. The commercial ecotourism operations have only been established in the last decade and they are operated and managed by Trusts or the Department of Conservation (DOC) (Higham & Carr, 2003). The DOC has&nbsp.engaged commercial operators to meet stated standards of visitor operations.&nbsp.