Write 5 pages thesis on the topic psychology experiment on learning by doing vs learning by viewing. study that targets the determination of the learning theories and techniques specifically the comparative analysis of the experiments and empirical data related to the educational psychology of the techniques such as learning by doing and learning by viewing. The results of the studies that had been chosen are then analyzed and reviewed.I.One of the studies that became the focus of the research and review undertaken is the research conducted by Stull and Mayer on the comparative analysis of the two types of learning process through the comparison of the graphic organizers in materials that are studied. The main objective of the study is to be able to determine which of the said methods are more effective in achievement of understanding of the learners (Stull and Mayer 808).The main hypothesis of the study undertaken is determination if the graphic organizers that are established by the students are more effective in retaining studied concept more than the prepared ones. The said hypothesis had been tested by conducting three (3) set-ups for experimentation, thus, the main methodology used is experimental research.The set-ups differed in the number of the author-provided graphic organizers and the items that students are needed to construct graphic organizers for. The first set up can be considered the most complex, and complexity decreases towards the third set-up. The complexity level had been the independent variable which was measured through the number of items provided. The 1st set-up which is of the highest complexity is composed of 27 author-provided organizers and also items that students need to construct their own. On the 2nd and 3rd set-ups 18 and 10 of each type are made respectively.Basically, the variables had been designed and defined on the basis of the cognitive theory of learning.