Which of the following is NOT an essential feature of Wilmot and Hocker’s definition of interpersonal conflict?a. an expressed struggleb. independencec. incompatible goalsd. scarce resources3. Terry and Pat have been in a committed romantic relationship for the last five years. Both an increased intensity and frequency of conflict have characterized their relationship. Recently both of them have become less invested in the relationship and have sought out others to fulfill some of their needs for affection, inclusion, and control. Basically, they don’t rely on each other for much and have come to expect less and less from each other. Terry and Pat’s choices reflect which of the five features that contribute to destructive conflict.a. Escalatory spiralsb. Avoidance spiralsc. Retaliationd. Inflexibility and rigidity4. Suki and Laura are best friends. Laura feels betrayed because Suki is so caught up in her new relationship with her boyfriend that she doesn’t appear to have time for Laura. In this instance, the conflict is fueled by _________.a. interdependenceb. perceived incompatible goalsc. perceived scarce resourcesd. avoidance of the issues