Ordered: Gentamycin 100 mg / 100 mL IVPB q8h . The IV handbook states that it should be given over 90 min. What rate will you set on your IV pump?(2)       The doctor ordered an IV to be given from 8am to 4pm .  What is the run time?(3)       Order: D5W 1000 mL q6h IV             What is the flow rate if there is an infusion pump? ________ mL / hr(4)       Order: Infuse 500 mL packed RBC’s within 4 hours.             Drop factor is 10 gtt / mL             Flow rate: _________ gtt / min(5)       Order: Infuse 1L NS @ 150 mL / hr             Drop factor: 15 gtt / mL             Flow rate: ________ gtt / min(6)       Order: Vancomycin 1g q12 hours             Supply: Vancomycin 1 g in 250 mL D5W to be given over 1 hour             Flow rate: ________ mL / hr on the PLUM infusion pump(7)       Order: Tobramycin 60 mg IV in 60 mL D5W to be infused over one hour.             Drop factor of the Buretrol is 60 gtt / mL             Flow rate _____ gtt / min(8)       At 0800 the patient has 400 mL IV solution infusing at 75 mL / hr .  At what time do you      anticipate the IV bag will be empty?(9)       Order: 2500 mL D5RL to run at 125 mL / hr             How long will this IV run?             Drop factor 10 gtt / mL             Flow rate: ____ gtt / min