Make a logistic regression model using the csv file contained inside, attached next to this assignment. Please train your model to predict whether a client has subscribed for a term deposit or not – variable 21 in the csv file.Zip file has information about the data, and additional information can be obtained through following link: logistic model itself is very easy as Python has a builtin function for it. But you would need to perform few data cleansing and exploratory steps (similar to the code I showed during last cladd, for example:1: create heatmap to determine null values.2: Identify which column(s) can be cleansed or imputation technique can be applied (add the reasoning in a separate document) and perform the cleansing/imputation steps3: Identify which column(s) can be dropped (add the reasoning with the document) and drop the columns4: Identify which columns require replacement from categorical string values to numeric values and perform the required steps.Deliver:Your Python codeDocument describing the reasoning behind steps 2-4 (identified above)