Create a 4 pages page paper that discusses writing journal for the chapters 8&9. During renaissance, borrowing was not favored since the stranger the words the more the objection from people (Baugh & Cable, 2001, p. 202).III. Adaptation: These are words that entered or still existed in the English language that were used to express new concepts. English did not only adopt new words to express concepts but also used its own word (Baugh & Cable, 2001, p. 209).The chapter Renaissance, 1500-1650 describes new factors that added up to the development of English language such as the printing press, education, communication and various forms of self-consciousness about language. As I read through the chapter, several questions arose. They include.a. The authors write, “Although English, along with the other vernaculars, had attained an established position as the language of popular literature, a strong tradition still sanctioned the use of Latin in all the fields of knowledge.”(Baugh & Cable, 2001, p. 190). Why was Latin language favored instead of English language?d. Humanism is a renaissance era intellectual movement. How did they increase the understanding of the world as they studied the culture of Rome and Greece? What was their focus on worldly things and not religious views help?I. “In the Modern English period, the beginning of which is conveniently placed at 1500, certain of these new conditions come into play, conditions that previously either had not existed at all or were present in only a limited way, and they cause English to develop along somewhat different lines from those that had characterized its history in the Middle Ages.”(Baugh & Cable, 2001, p. 187).II. “None of the other modern languages of Europe had had to endure the consequences of a foreign conquest that temporarily imposed an outside tongue upon the dominant social class and left the native speech chiefly in the hands of the lower social classes.