Write a 5 page essay on A Career In Marketing.After reviewing the great diversity of careers that are available to the individual interested in a career in marketing, I was particularly drawn to a career in public relations. Public relations and market outreach is a field that interests me because it goes beyond merely marketing a product and directly incorporates elements of social interaction and company representation. In such a way, the individual who works within such a career is ultimately responsible for seeking to challenge public opinion and represent the firm/organization in the time of difficulties and in times of success. Ultimately, it is the challenge of such a position that is attractive due to the fact that many individuals employed in public relations type marketing jobs have had the distinct ability to fundamentally alter the means by which the public views the firm and the ultimate product or service offerings they represent. Such is not the norm however but it is a possibility for the individual that works in such a field. With respect to the particular type of skills and knowledge that is required for such a job, the website that was analyzed to inform his report stated that a degree in good standing from a four-year university or college was ultimately a requirement. Although there was no experience requirement for beginning within such a career, ultimately representing the firm to the public would be something that would most certainly require much experience as well as supreme command of verbal and written skills.