Compose a 1000 words assignment on management guru profile. Needs to be plagiarism free! The most unique ability of this management guru was to look at any given system or factory operations and give suggestions on how both the quality of the end product and the efficiency of the work could be improved. In fact, as one of the leading lights of the industrial age, he recognized that the people responsible for the management of a company have to cooperate with and consider the problems faced by the labor (Boddy, 2002). Taylor made it clear that without efficient planning or recognizing the problems of the workers, no management system could increase profitability.According to the system devised by Taylor, productivity could be improved if the right person was found for doing the right job and that the person was to be given increasing rewards for increased performance. His systems and thoughts got popular enough in his own lifetime that he became the first recognized management consultant. He helped several businesses increase productivity while reducing labor costs to the extent that work which was previously done by hundreds of workers could be done with a few dozen (Nelson, 1980).His most famous work, The Principles of Scientific Management was written to describe a system which could be easily applied to many different companies at the time. Its usefulness is still accepted today since his ideas about improving both the lives of the workers and the performance of a company continue to remain important considerations for management personnel. The modern fields of organizational psychology, organizational behavior and the scientific analysis of management techniques owe a lot to Taylor (Nelson, 1980).