Make analysis adjustments to a public company’s financial statements to augment their usefulness for financial analysis.Using the version of the AC 6020 Financial Analysis Template “Oper Lease Adjust 1 – 6″”Invent Cost-Flow Analysis Adj””Noncancel Commit Analysis Adj” Depending on the facts and circumstances of the company selected for the assignments, your facilitator will instruct you to complete one or more of following worksheets and “post” the corresponding analysis adjustments to the “BS Analysis Adjustments” and “IS Analysis Adjustments” workbook tabs:”Pension Cost Analysis Adjust””Guar Uncons Debt Analysis Adj””Capitalized Interest Analysis Adj””Impair, Restruct Analysis Adj””Debt Restruct Analysis Adj””Sales Invest, PP&E Analysis Adj”Hope it makes sense now, I have edited it for the fourth time. PLEASE HELP ME OUT TO FIGURE THIS!!!! PLEASE!!!!!