Need help with my writing homework on Arguments in Favor of Capital Punishment and its Alternatives. Write a 1000 word paper answering; This punishment has been applicable since ancient times to curb crimes and bring felons before justice. World’s major religions such as Christianity and Islam have also prescribed death for murder, necromancy and rape attempts as presented in Holy books including Bible and Quran. For instance, we have to consider the viewpoints, arguments, opinions, ideas, and understanding of every individual as we live in the democratic society where every person enjoys the freedom of speech, expression, and open communication. It is worthwhile to mention the fact that anti-capital punishment campaigners usually disregard the universal truth that everyone is mortal when defending Life Imprisonment against the death penalty. For instance, such campaigners argue that life-long wait for natural death by criminals will increase their agony of torture and emotional anguish in comparison to the pain and hurt they receive before hanging in public for death. However, they fail to provide a legitimate explanation against the argument raised by endorsers of the death penalty “whether Life Imprisonment to culprits is the just decision for those who have lost their loved ones killed by felonies for personal reasons”. Some of the major arguments raised for and against capital punishment will now be demonstrated in the following sections to reach an appropriate conclusion. The first major argument in favor of Capital Punishment by supporters is that it leads to permanent eradication of notorious criminal groups, gangs or individuals from society. In addition, the death penalty serves as an example that no one is beyond the law as well as permitted to take law in one’s hand by brutally assassinating the innocents in society. Also, the punishment makes society safer and restores the confidence of the general public, which remains frightened from the presence of such malefactors in prisons.