Write 8 pages thesis on the topic human behaviour in fire. Experiments have been performed in various types of buildings such as shopping malls, cinema theatres, and buildings to develop recommended pre-movement for different buildings and alarms. During these unexpected scenarios, people usually are influenced by others and it is likely that they follow others this type of influence is called as social influence and this can have a negative and a positive effect on RSET. The pre-movement time will be calculated based on the type of building or alarm and not based on social influence. The participant’s behavior was studied and analyzed to see if social influence is an important factor. The analyses showed that during the initial part of the evacuation, people are influenced by others behavior. There was one type of behavior that correlates social influence is through observation. During the evacuation, a person can get more information by looking at others and this is termed as ‘Informational Social Influence’. There is another influence which is called ‘normative social influence’ where the person avoids breaking norms by observing other actions. People seated in the front row will usually display and influence the crowd to a great extent than those sitting in the back rows. Through this experiment, it was revealed that the participants looked behind and besides when the alarm and spoken message was used. This clearly states that people are influenced during the initial stages of evacuation. The analysis also revealed that the participants looked at both the sides when the alarm and spoken messages were used which suggests social influence was stronger in both the cases. The result also suggested that people are more influenced by their neighbor than by others which mean that the social influence increases with the decreasing distance. Social bonds are also a very important factor that influences social influencing. People who evacuate mostly follow their friends and families.