I will pay for the following essay History: Foundations of Western Civilization 3. The essay is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.Indoctrination led to decline of power. Sparta was not interested in unifying Greece. At the same time its policy was to prevent any other state from doing so. This policy backfired and eventually they fell under the Macedonian and the Roman, dark horses. The Spartans were happy because as long as their military strength lasted they managed to prevent the unification of the Greeks.The Greeks were miserable and in chains.The decline of Spartan’s led to the emergence of Athens by 362 BC as the far stronger of the two. After the war some Greek states entered into a voluntary league with Athens. This league and the continued growth of the Athenian democracy tilted the Grecian balance of power in favor of Athens. Athens was the only among the older states of Greece that could check Macedonian Imperialism. Athens then rebuilt the Aegean empire but this too was temporary. They had paid mercenaries to fight the war. Every Greek politician was corrupt and the outcome of the war was not determined by the military strength but by access to money and bribery of the officials. They too were unable to create a democratic league of nations. They were faced with rebellions and finally chose to give up their unjust and offensive empire. Both the Spartans and Athenians finally fell because both wanted to rule and enjoyed political stability. They had no intentions in unifying Greece.2. Beginning in 473 BCE Rome had a superior army. It expanded its territory and political dominance over the peninsula. Despite being defeated by the Celts. Rome had the capability to recover quickly from this defeat and could organize successful future campaigns. Rome had a strong military ethos and considerable manpower.The Roman Republic followed discipline and obeyed the orders. constant training was provided to the military army and death sentence was granted for desertion. When they conquered their neighbors in Italy, they even granted