Hi, I need help with essay on Business tratments between Isreal and some Arabic countries. Paper must be at least 2500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!For instance, in the cases of oil exchange between two or more nations, the international trade agreements are mostly set by governments.This sort of trade agreements are considered to be of prime benefits for incumbent nations. These international business treaties also contribute to the international openness factor along with playing a significant role of economic growth variables. For instance, oil trade agreements between Israel and Kuwait or Saudi Arabia or Qatar among other nations can ensure greater benefits in the long run. At the same time, apart from merely oil treaties, multiple import and export businesses also occur between these nations which include exchange of food products, beverages, electronics and heavy machinery among others. The prime focus of this discussion will be regarding the evaluation of various legal aspects related with international trade between two nations. Moreover, this discussion will be taking into consideration three crucial factors namely the international oil agreements, import and export of goods and shared investments and the specific legal aspects associated with these.For this part of the discussion, the instance of Egypt as one of the Arab nations has been highlighted. Multiple reports describe that Egypt has been counted as one of the business partners successfully carrying out business with Israel. The trade relationship between these two nations started with the signing of the peace treaty. This peace treaty can be considered as the first legal agreement meant for bringing these two nations into peaceful business conduct (American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise, 2014).Apart from Egypt, other Arab nations such as Algeria, Iraq, Somalia, and Syria cannot be accounted in terms of carrying out any sort of trade relationship with Israel since there seems to be multiple instabilities regarding the relationship between Israel and the Arab nations. The evidence of such