Hi, need to submit a 250 words paper on the topic Case 1. Case Study Questions The similarities between training and development include that both are geared towards ensuring thatemployees have the required skills to perform their duties competently. In addition, both lead to more job satisfaction and better productivity for the employees and the consequent organization. On the other hand, the differences include that training helps improve an organization’s productivity and efficiency from the short-term perspective while development enables the organization to establish long-term capabilities of the human resources. While training may concentrate on a particular skill, development allows employees to engage in a wide range of roles. Development is more important to Aldi as compared to training. This is because it comprises training in itself and provides long-term solutions to any issues that may be facing an organization. Since development also incorporates the acquisition of a wider range of skills by the employees, it could help the organization in securing its future and acquiring sustainability, more than training would. The key benefit with development is the long-term factor. Aldi attracts its employees through offering competitive and industry leading salaries in all levels. The promise for development also plays a critical role in this perspective. With regard to training the employees, it uses both on-the-job and off-the-job training methods. On-the-job training involves employees working while undergoing training ensuring that then provided training is specific to the job. It involves coaching, mentoring, and job rotation. Off-the-job training is provided away from the work environment and is important in provision of transferable skills. The most important training method for Aldi is on-the-job training. This is because it provides job specific skills that are crucial in productivity. It is directly related to the profit making capability of the organization.