requirement -do not summarize the clip, but tell us your thoughts about the concepts that are brought up in the clip-make sure to discuss the specific clip presented, rather than the topic in general-400+ words (not including quotations from group mates or articles)-Includes a quotation from one of the course articles.      the course articles are under     –    -     -   –Honors decorum appropriate for a public forum (e.g., adopting a respectful tone when disagreeing)-Employs college-level spelling and grammar -400+ words (not including quotations from group mates or articles)   Here is classmate’s(name: jacob) post” As a viewer, I perceived the plot of the music video to be about the violent contradictions that come with being a black person in America. From the very start, we see a stark juxtaposition of tone between the genre played before and after Childish Gambino shoots the man wearing the head cover. At the beginning of the video the tone sounds like happy, choral music that Americans have come to identify with South African culture. After the gunshot, however, the song quickly amps up into a trap beat spearheaded by the lyric, “This is America / dont catch you slippin up.” I think that the producer was very smart in placing this reference to historical context in the beginning of the music video. It was then able to give the audience contextual guidance as they moved further into the piece.    After the initial gunshot that starts the trap section of the song, Childish Gambino can be seen dancing in front of schoolchildren as scenes of violence erupt in the background. This is clearly a symbolic reference to the uncanny amount of school shootings that our nation has fallen victim to over the past few years. One of the few places where every child is afforded the opportunity to learn in a safe, controlled environment has also been proven to be one of the most dangerous for them.Additionally, the students seem to be smiling and dancing similarly to the way in which many mainstream artists dance now; creating for an effect that seems like the dancers are attempting to distract from the violent scene that is unfolding behind them. As we read about in “Rise Up Hip Hop Nation: From Deconstructing Racial Politics to Building Positive Solutions,” hip hop is controlled by inherently racist power structures. As such, I believe that the presentation of this material might seek to parallel elements of contemporary society where black art is used to distract viewers from the real problems facing these marginalized demographics. Although exaggerated, this form of symbolism does a very good job at appealing to the audience’s ethos and compels them to admit a harsh reality by making direct comparisons between gun violence and schools.I think that the imagery and auditory ques used in the video added an entirely new dynamic and perception to the piece that would not have been understood without the musical component. With that being said, there are a plethora of metaphors, obscure references, and symbolism throughout both the audio and visual components of the piece. This unit has shown me the ways in which music is culturally relevant and how it can be been used as a tool for cultural expression and enacting social change.  “