Compose a 2000 words essay on Integrative. Needs to be plagiarism free!At the organizational level one should wonder whether the structured division is functioning well and whether all management settings are well placed or not. While at the systems level one should ask whether or not the unit is receiving appropriate support and funding.According to Wilsons’s book students who are studying public administration should have question about federal structure and function and the impact it has on federal agencies.Another important question to consider about the structure is the work they do and the reason they do it.The affect that the structure and operation of federal agencies have on the behavior of different organizational groups has been very appreciably illustrated in the book written by J.Q.Wilson. He presents three organizational groups- army, prison and school. He talks about the Germany’s attack on France by Hitler’s troops who adopted Manstein’s idea who suggested a difficult route, yet the Germans succeeded. He then compares some maximum-high security prisons and finds that the behavior and over all ambience of the Texas prison was much better than that of its counterparts. Lastly he explains the state of the worst school- George Washington Carver School. A school which was not only dirty but was not good in academics either. He gives an account of how the state suddenly changed and the school became much better than most city schools. Wilson explains that the German army, Texas prison and Carver school “did a better job than their rivals because they were, or became better organized.” (Wilson, 620). Wilson explains that the German army in spite of being small in number defeated the French because they drew a different lesson from trench warfare because it could not afford a stalemate and decided to attack the defending French army while wearing bulletproof attire or travelling in