A firm wishing to exercise some direct managerial control over their foreign sales while minimizing their risk would choose which one of the four possible international distribution strategies discussed in class?A. Exporting B. Licensing C. Joint ventures D. OwnershipGoods moving internationally require better protective packaging than goods moving domestically because: A. the risk of weather damage is higher. B. overseas logistics resources may be unsophisticated. C. customs regulations require it. D. all of the above are equally important. Customs policies represent an effort by a country’s government to: A. encourage international trade. B. hinder international trade. C. protect local industries. D. discourage international trade.As discussed in class, what factor or factors dictate what channel integration strategy a firm should follow? A. the size of the firm itself. B. the size of other middlemen in the channel. C. both of the above must be considered. D. none of the above apply.