Exercise 14.3 Python provides a built-in function called len that returns the length of a string, sothe value of len(‘allen’) is 5.Write a function named right_justify that takes a string named s as a parameter and prints thestring with enough leading spaces so that the last letter of the string is in column 70 of the display.>>> right_justify(‘allen’)allenExercise 14.4 A function object is a value you can assign to a variable or pass as an argument. Forexample, do_twice is a function that takes a function object as an argument and calls it twice:def do_twice(f):f()f()Here’s an example that uses do_twice to call a function named print_spam twice.def print_spam():print ‘spam’do_twice(print_spam)1. Type this example into a script and test it.2. Modify do_twice so that it takes two arguments, a function object and a value, and calls thefunction twice, passing the value as an argument.3. Write a more general version of print_spam, called print_twice, that takes a string as aparameter and prints it twice.4. Use the modified version of do_twice to call print_twice twice, passing ‘spam’ as anargument.5. Define a new function called do_four that takes a function object and a value and calls thefunction four times, passing the value as a parameter. There should be only two statements inthe body of this function, not four.You can see my solution at Exercises 121Exercise 14.5 This exercise2 can be done using only the statements and other features we havelearned so far.1. Write a function that draws a grid like the following:+ – – – – + – – – – +| | || | || | || | |+ – – – – + – – – – +| | || | || | || | |+ – – – – + – – – – +Hint: to print more than one value on a line, you can print a comma-separated sequence:print ‘+’, ‘-‘If the sequence ends with a comma, Python leaves the line unfinished, so the value printednext appears on the same line.print ‘+’,print ‘-‘The output of these statements is ‘+ -‘.A print statement all by itself ends the current line and goes to the next line.2. Use the previous function to draw a similar grid with four rows and four columns.You can see my solution at