Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Mind Over Matter.beyond reasonable doubt that he or she was suffering from mental disorder so severely that he or she could not know the quality and nature of the act committed at the time of insanity (John, 2006). This implies proving that he or she was not at a position to establish that the act was either right or wrong. However, John notes that mental illness cannot act as defense since an individual may be mentally ill but still know the nature of the act. This shows the reason why Clark’s case was dismissed.Alcohol usually alters an individual’s rational thinking making individuals not to function in the normal way and make rational decision. However, this may not be used as a defense under McNaughten rule. This is because alcoholism is considered one of the causes of mental illness and not insanity. The presumption made is that an individual who murders someone is capable of knowing the type and quality of action committed and must therefore take responsibility for his actions (John, 2006). Therefore it does not fall under the definition of insanity with which McNaughten rule is based. Under this rule, the murderer will be required to prove that he or she was insane and did not know what he or she was doing which is not easy.This is a situation in which an individual committed an offence, knew what he or she was doing, and had knowledge of whether the act was right or wrong. The person is, therefore, considered rational and guilty for the offence committed.This is a situation in which an individual accused might be found guilty of an offence, but due to the fact that he or she was insane at the time of commission of the act, the person would be taken for a medical check-up and treatment first after which the accused would proceed to prison. This is based on the fact that the accused has pleaded guilty of the alleged offence.This is a situation where the accused is judged not guilty due to the fact he or she did not know his or her actions and the consequences of