In one experiment, the mass of water is 94.8 grams, the initial temperature of the water is 69.9oC, the mass of liquid nitrogen added to the water is 63.0 grams, and the final temperature of the water, after the liquid nitrogen has vaporized, is 38.3oC.Specific heat of water = 4.184 J K-1g-1How much heat is lost by the warm water?Heat lost = JWhat is the heat of vaporization of nitrogen in J g-1?Heat of vaporization = J g-1What is the molar heat of vaporization of nitrogen?Molar heat of vaporization = J mol-1Trouton’s constant is the ratio of the enthalpy (heat) of vaporization of a substance to its boiling point (in K). The constant is actually equal to the entropy change for the vaporization process and is most often a measure of the entropy in the liquid state. The value of the constant usually lies within the range 70 to 90 J K-1mol-1, with a value toward the lower end indicating high entropy in the liquid state.The normal boiling point of liquid nitrogen is -196oC. Based upon your results above, what is the value of Trouton’s constant?Trouton’s constant = J K-1mol-1