Write 19 page essay on the topic Internship review paper.The report discusses about the learning gained by the internee during the internship tenure.The company that has been interned at is Captain Bruce’s Private Kaneohe Bay Sandbar Charter. The company profile has been discusses along with the mission, vision, and goals of the company. As it is a service providing company,it is very important to ensure that customers remain satisfied. The most important thing learned during the internship tenure were the ways of following up with customers, communicating with them in an effective manner, and ensuring that all their queries and doubts are answered in a satisfactory manner.The report reflects upon the experiences the internee had with the customers. It was learnt that all customers have varying natures and their perceptions about things may vary from customer to customer. The internee developed many new skills and polished the ones that needed improvement with the help of this internship in the travel industry.The name of the organization is Captain Bruce’s Private Kaneohe Bay Sandbar Charter. The location of the organization is Kaneohe in Hawaii. The organization is a sole ownership company. The company states its slogan in such a way that customers become attracted towards the company. It says to cruise the sandbar of Kaneohe Bay so that Hawaii can be enjoyed to the maximum level by enjoying the sun and the sea both.The mission of Captain Bruce Company is to ensure that customers smile under all circumstances when they take up the boating services of Captain Bruce. Captain Bruce is a boat tour company operating privately. It provides customers with the services of boat tours and allows them to enjoy the breathtaking waters of Oahu’s Kaneohe Bay and also enjoy the sand bar.The company philosophy is has an open door policy for all its employees. It gives the employees the freedom