Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on japanese and chinese styles comparison Paper must be at least 1750 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Japan’s offenses of omission in dealing fully with its past marks as hindrance to its present overseas policy, but they pale in contrast with China’s historical sense of entitlement to local hegemony and its strong new form of condition-sanctioned anti-Japanese patriotism.China’s tactful language emphasizes toeing party’s line history rather than discriminating present-day interests, and it presumes that only one position in international affairs more often than not China’s — can be correct (Hagström 9)China today has much more to gain from association with Japan than from disagreement. Harping about past inflaming and sins the disputes over the islands do little good. If republic of China is to become the main power in the region, it can only do so with Japan, not next to it.As Germany and France have confirmed, ideas can change when government’s interest demands it. But changing Beijing’s thinking from hierarchy to collaboration will require strong leadership and a nuanced indulgent of national interests. China’s new leaders haven’t inspired much hope of either (Hunt 17).Socially, Japan developed on the Shogun ate life in which society revolved around honoring the emperor while maintaining a familys personal respect. The samurai, compared to the knight in the western European society, was one of the most accepted figures in Japanese society. While Post-modern China was also imperial in nature, China went without the Samurai system and instead relied heavily on a national army and private army.China and Japan both claim to be the shareholders of over&nbsp.East China Sea&nbsp.islets that China calls it the&nbsp.Diaoyu Islands and Japan refer to it as Senkaku Islands. Tensions have been high from 2012 September, when Japanese government acquired three of the islets from private Japanese proprietor.