Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses KatrinaHealth/HIPPA and Data Protection/ Case Study.Title I covers health Insurance protection for workers and their families when they loose or change employment. Title II covers standards that will regulate electronic health care provision (Lahti & Peterson, 2007). The rules are meant to protect the patients from any form of victimization that they may face as a result of change of employment status. According to Lahti and Peterson (2007), the second title is also involved in matters of security and privacy of health data which firms need to focus their attention on.Katrina Health Program, on the other hand, came up as a result of the hurricane that swept over New Orleans causing flooding and displacement of people from their homes. In this regard, several changes were made to allow the containment of the problem that came up. The recommendations made were temporary financial relief on Medicaid costs for residents who resided in selected parishes of Louisiana prior to Hurricane Katrina. It also covered counties in Alabama and Mississippi, as well as, a condition to not let Alaska’s federal medical assistance to fall below its FY2005 level. The other recommendation was boost in the unequal share of hospital payment to the District of Columbia and the third proposal was a number of demonstrations and program expansions (Ewing, 2008).The Katrina Health program as seen above was aimed at specific regions that happened to be hard hit by Hurricane Katrina. The residents of these areas were hard hit and they ought to have been offered with a chance to recover, and, therefore the above recommendations were made. However, for the program to become a national level one, there are three matters that require urgent measures. The first issue is legislation. The assumption here is that the legislature will come in to make laws that will have the cumulative effect of standardizing healthcare along the Katrina Health program.The challenges