Need an research paper on fords strategic positions. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. Political: the political environment in which Ford had to operate can be considered as rather adverse. not only in the USA but all around the world the political conditions were characterized by constant and strong turbulences, a fact that also influenced the performance of Ford.b. Economical: The financial conditions within the international market could not be characterized as completely friendly for commercial activities. on the contrary strong turbulence in the economies of most countries around the world, especially during 2007, lead to the conclusion that any business initiative targeting the international market should be carefully prepared.c. Social: Ford is a firm with a long history in the automobile industry. In fact, the firm is related to the cultural and social ethics of a specific country (USA). however, it has proved that it can respond to the needs of the public around the world. In 2007 no specific change was noticed regarding the social environment of Ford.d. Technological: In Ford, the development of technology has been a decisive part of the corporate activity. new methods of product development and delivery have been incorporated in current business policies – referring to the previous year – in order to support the position of the firm towards its competitors.e. Legal: The activities of all firms that operate in the automobile industry are monitored by the local and the international authorities in terms of the application of the standards related with the quality of the products delivered to the customers but also of the standards related with the tax regulation of the firms operating in this sector. Ford has aligned its strategies with current legal principles regarding all its activities (both at the production and at the operation levels) so that the public would feel secure when acquiring the firm’s products.Despite all the problems presented above, the firm’s position could be strongly supported if organizational strategies were constantly reviewed so that high flexibility was established within all organizational sectors.&nbsp.