Complete 4 pages APA formatted article: Assisting Older Persons. But that is not the case in the more affluent nations where the family circle is limited to parents and children. When the children grow up and marry and have children of their own, often they are faced with the problem of caring for their aged, frail, and often chronically ill parents.In this present system of things, to do this can be a weighty problem indeed! As undesirable as it is, under present economic conditions, it may be necessary for both parents to work. Food is expensive, rents are high, bills come in. Even two paychecks can disappear quickly. If the woman of the house does not work outside, she may be busy with children, shopping, cleaning-a full-time job in itself. This is not to say that an elderly parent, or parents, should not be cared for in the home. What it does say is that it can be a very difficult assignment. The elderly have their aches and pains, and understandably they can at times be complaining and crotchety, not always congenial and of a sunny disposition. None of which means that a strenuous effort should not be made to care for an elderly parent in the home. However, there are some certain cases that simply require special professional nursing care. For this particular discussion, narrative on how nursing procedures could actually help in the process of caring for the elderly and even bettering their situation through the use of several exercises that are aimed towards making them more active again so as to regain both physical and psychological strength through a more abstract procedure Case ScenarioAn 86-year-old man is staying in small hospice offering assistance to the elderly. With such an age, it could be expected that he indeed already have certain health ailments. He used to care for his wife at home who has dementia. However, because of old age, he already has had some problems that have made his health deteriorate. One of the major problems he had to deal with was that of his having a serious operation on his hemia and is now resistant to narcotics. For this reason, he is now bed bound and has the need to be carefully and constantly cared for especially with regards his feeding needs. Because of an immediate arising health problem, his children have sent him to the hospice while their mother whom he used to care for was actually sent in another caring institution. In the hospice, the man seemed to be too weak at first. However with a district progress through the early stages of his stay in the institution, he was able to show that he was more than willing to get better. The outstanding progress that he showed and the willingness he had to get better resulted to him being able to eat alone again and e with himself without care. Within several months time, he certainly regained much of his health back. However, even though he was able to overcome some of his weaknesses, it could not be denied that there are still different aspects of old-age weaknesses that have not been given solution in him yet. There is still a need to motivate him to become more physically fit again. To do so, the hospice staff has arranged a program for elderly individuals like him to be able to attract them into making necessary steps in becoming acquainted with others again and having the right motivation to get up every morning to mingle with others and have a gist for life once again.