Write a 4 page essay on Contemporary Utopia.Grube and Reeve (328b) in their description of Plato’s Republic, propose other utopia related ideologies such as abiding peace, strict government structure and high levels social equality.The community under investigation for utopian ideas, in this case, is Los Angeles based Ashram West. Ashram West’s utopian ideologies can be discerned from a wide array of elements, ranging from the community’s name to its practices. For instance, if directly interpreted, the word ashram means a place of religious retreat. Further, Ashram West seeks to provide refuge for gay-identified individuals, offer enlightenment services to the community and bolster spirituality of diverse people. Evidently, this gay spiritual residential area entwines religious, philosophical, administrative and sociological utopian ideologies as discussed further hereunder.Ashram West was conceived in the year 1997 by an individual known as William, and later incorporated as a nonprofit organization (NPO) in the state of California. The establishment is currently situated in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles, and occupies a large apartment with one bedroom. The organization is affiliated to the Southern California Vedanta Society, thus explaining its religious connections to Hinduism and Buddhism linked Tantra teachings. Further, Ashram West is legally sanctioned as a religious establishment, meaning that the community affiliates uphold its religious teachings. The community does not hold any form of prejudice against people from varying races, countries of origin, sexuality and social status, among other distinguishing elements. In regard to membership, Ashram West is always open for new affiliates. Other aspects of interest within this community include mode of leadership or government and social practices. In consideration of leadership and decision making, members select an individual to lead them on the basis of