Provide a 1 page analysis while answering the following question: How the leader can maintain high quality performance. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. How Leaders can Maintain High Quality Performance The effectiveness of leaders can be measures in terms of their ability to achieve accurately defined goals. In a work environment, different factors contribute to ensuring that employees perform at their best. There are factors which are external to the job but are relevant in maintaining high quality performance. These factors are a conducive environment (physical condition of the organization, resources in terms of office equipment, facilities and supplies, and the policies, processes and procedures that are effectively designed and understood by the employees), appropriate opportunities for interaction and balanced time and schedule for work and rest. In terms of leadership theories, leaders can help maintain high quality performance by applying the applicable leadership style depending on the situation, the characteristics and personalities of the followers and the organizational goals. According to Martires (2004), “morale boosting is related to productivity and is an important function of leadership. Studies show that high morale is accompanied by high productivity. Good leadership effects a positive correlation between morale and productivity” (133). Leaders must be able to design and institute a balanced system of rewards and control, to monitor the progress of their subordinates, to appraise their performance and to motivate them towards the accomplishment of clearly defined tasks. Leaders acknowledge that the benefits of motivating, developing and training their followers contribute to high performance and productivity. Not only should leaders work towards achieving organizational goals, but also the personal and professional goals of their followers. By acknowledging that leaders are genuinely committed towards the holistic development of people, would they be able to ensure that a high quality of performance is adhered to at all times. Work Cited Martires, Concepcion R. Human Behavior in Organizations. 3rd Edition, National Bookstore, Philippines. 2004. Print.