Hello. I am having trouble with this problem. If someone could help me to answer it, i would greatly appreciate the help! Thank you so much.5. Studies of oxygen transport in pregnant mammals show that the OZ- saturation curves of fetal andmaternal blood are markedly different when measured under the same conditions . Fetal Erythrocytescontain a structural variant of hemoglobin , HOF , consisting of two alpha and two gamma subunits(0292), whereas maternal erythrocytes contain HOA ( 0262 ) .( a ) Which hemoglobin has a lower for oxygen under physiological conditions , HOA Or HOF ? Explain .( b )What is the functional significance of the different OZ affinities ?"( c ) When all the EPG is carefully removed from samples of HOA and HOF, the measured 02- saturationcurves land consequently the OZ affinities ) are displaced to the left . However , HOA now has agreater affinity for oxygen than does HOF . When BPG is reintroduced , the OZ- saturation curvesreturn to normal , as shown in the graph . What is the effect of EPG On the OZ affinity ofhemoglobin ? How can the above information be used to explain the different OZ affinities of fetaland maternal hemoglobin ?"