Need an argumentative essay on Education and Transportation. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.On the way to the Middle East, the Ottoman led Turkey’s Empire conquered Qatar and maintained strong control of strategic cities for several centuries. By 1821, this virgin and valuable land attracted the interests of the Britain who invaded its coastal lands and destroyed the Portuguese structures on the claim that it was a haven for piracy (Al-Amoodi and Kasim 145). Since their entry into the country, the British has dominated and transformed leading sectors of the economy. They have also influenced Qatar’s original culture, language, and general economic activities.One of the areas that have heavily been influenced by the British culture is education. Qatar has many schools and learning institutions that cater for local and foreign academic demands. Its education systems are jointly controlled by the Supreme Education Council and the Ministry of Education. However, the bulk of regulation and control of the academic systems are left to the Supreme Education Council. This is regulatory body has tried to make Qatar’s educations system world-class. This has been realized through according learning institutions more authority to independently exercise full control over their academic affairs. Private and international schools are very popular in major cities of the country. Notably, very few locals attend these institutions on the account that they are unaffordable to majority of low and medium income Qataris (Trani and Holsworth 71). The popular and recommended curriculums are American, French, International, and the British Education System.Given that dominance of the Britain in Qatar, its political systems have referred and recommended the British Education System for the local and international interests. The British academic modules and programs have been applied in Qatar. This has impacted on the general academic standards of the country. This is because they have heavily borrowed from the British education