I chose Eastern U.S cougar due in 5 days, would like to work on this project too? if yes, ill post it for you and tell me the priceINDEPENDENT PROJECT- An Endangered species in the United States (or New York State)Each student will be required to select a species of organism (plant or animal) that is listed as being endangered in either the United States (as a whole) or in New York State. Each student will research the organism and submit a powerpoint presentation that includes the following:1)The organism’s classification (scientific) and brief description of the organism’s ecology2)The species’ historical range/distribution(where was it found before it bacame endangered)3)The species’ current range/distribution(where is it found today)4)The cause(s) for the species’ decline5)The current population estimate in the United States/ NYS (whichever is applicable)6)The history behind when the species was listed as endangered7)The species recovery plan as it stands8)The future status of the species – projections for the future9)Any other information that might be pertinent regarding the species10)References used