Complete 10 pages APA formatted article: Human Immunodeficiency Virus. Heterosexual infection remains the primary route of transmission for the virus in the country. HIV is rapidly transforming itself into a different disease which means that innovative and creative strategies need to be formulated for achieving optimum results. Information exchange and accessibility is another strategy that can lead to superior outcomes. A preventive strategy needs to be modified so that poor and marginalized communities have access to resources. The NHS should strive to develop a coordinated database that can be shared by private health organizations and voluntary organizations. This can be used to ensure that superior treatments are available for patients belonging to vulnerable and susceptible risk groups.The United Kingdom has an advanced and well-developed health system. Public health indicators have been improving due to the advent of technology and rapid interventions. However considerable problems continue to exert a strain on the health system. HIV is considered to be a major problem in the United Kingdom due to a number of reasons. It can inflict a heavy toll on individuals in terms of financial, emotional, and psychological problems (Hough, 2003: Pg 644). It can lead to high levels of anxiety, stress, depression, and frustration among individuals. Further many individuals hesitate to disclose HIV due to the social stigmas associated with it. Empirical studies have documented that heterosexuals and homosexuals comprise the leading risk group for HIV. Minorities are vulnerable to the disease due to the lack of effective and efficient procedures (Flowers & Duncan, 2003: Pg 179). The lack of information means that many individuals forego preventive treatment in order to reduce costs. This can be deleterious for the NHS that seeks to maintain an integrated and coordinated program for HIV management and prevention. The NHS needs to formulate an efficient and effective system that can be used to attain excellence. A comprehensive strategy should focus on HIV prevention and patient empowerment. Further there is the need to deploy efficient and effective strategies that can be used to attain excellence in combating the disease. This research paper will seek to analyze the issue of HIV as a major public issue in the United Kingdom. It will formulate a smart strategy that can be used to enhance the process of HIV detection, prevention, and management. BackgroundHIV is a condition that can be debilitating and incapacitating for many individuals. It leads the weakening of the immunological system. It can lead to fatal outcomes if not properly treated. HIV can be transmitted through various means. Sexual intercourse is the main cause of the transfer of the disease (Lee, 2003: Pg 2201). Contaminated blood and needles can also lead to infection of individuals with HIV. Finally children who are born from HIV infected mothers are likely to be diagnosed with the disease. HIV has become a major public issue in the United Kingdom. This is due to the fact that it can cause significant health problems in the population (UNAIDS, 2000: pg 23). It can lead to negative outcomes that must be tackled in a systematic and logical manner. The United Kingdom has a comprehensive system for tackling HIV.