Need an research paper on epidural analgesia for post operativeppain relief. Needs to be 11 pages. Please no plagiarism. There is no argument that can be raised against ethical and humanitarian need to control postoperative pain. People tend to wonder whether the ethical and humanitarian argument can be relevant to endorse active pain control. They also ask whether conventional techniques meet the requirements of ethical requirements to treat pain or should the conventional methods be improved. Such questions can best be answered by physicians who evaluate the risks and the merits that come with each type of treatment. They also apply their professional experience and scientific proof to make a decision on the kind of treatment to use. However, physicians are allowed to assume ethical accountability when managing pain. Moral and humanitarian responsibility is important when relieving pain because it is the prime benefit of treating pain. Pain management is faced by some barriers which are usually in the form discrimination from the caregivers and can also be from the patient receiving the treatment and care. However, the most prominent obstacle is the dread that patients have for opioids. This drug is feared since it is addictive and also has devastating side effects, especially when used for chronic treatment. Some people also tend to have feared since they do not know how long it will take to recover due to the excessive use of analgesics and another form of prejudices such as religious and traditional believes which condemn the use of artificial ways of pain relief. The only ideal way of satisfying an operative patient is by instituting a surgery that has minimal pain and distress. Giving a patient such kind of contentment does not necessarily require providing sufficient doses of pain-relieving medication. Patient’s satisfaction is attained by giving them a therapy that suits their needs and having the side effects of the treatment put at bay as much as possible. Another likelihood of providing satisfaction is by preparing the patient&nbsp.adequately for the kind of experience they are expected to encounter due to the postoperative pain.&nbsp.