Please answer the following questions on Ch 3.1 of Hardt and Negri’s Multitude:

  1. True or False (10 points): Hardt and Negri are anti-globalization democrats.

2. Multiple choice/select two (20 points). Hardt and Negri maintain that theorists and advocates of democracy in the 21st century share the following two problems with those of the 18th century:

3. Multiple choice/select one (10 points). Hardt and Negri explain that representation is a disjunctive synthesis, that is, it both connects and separates the multitude and the sovereignty. They therefore advocate for the following:

4. True or False (10 points): Hardt and Negri believe state socialism was a more successful version of democratic representation.

5. Multiple choice/select one (10 points). According to Hardt and Negri, public opinion:

6. Short Essay. 350 words or more (40 points). Raise at least one criticism of Hardt and Negri’s account of what they call “the long march of democracy.” 

This activity will help you identify and explain the key arguments for Hardt and Negri’s conception of democracy and raise criticisms of it.