Hi, I need help with essay on Assessment Name: Market Entry Analysis. Chosen Topic: Oporto Fast Food Restaurant. Paper must be at least 2500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!This would shed light as to which country would offer greater prospects for the Australian firm. A firm intending to expand into international markets must understand its present strategies. An analysis of the elements of marketing mix has been undertaken in this study to analyse its currents marketing strategies.The study also undertakes a SWOT analysis of the firm.Oporto restaurant is an Australian based chain of restaurants, which has its specialties in Portuguese style of chicken preparations. The firm was established in the year 1986 by Mr. Antonio Cerqueira and presently operates in both dine in and take away formats. Presently Oporto restaurant has its branches spread across Australia, China, New Zealand and the United Kingdom (Oporto-a, 2010).Oporto Restaurant is a specialist in Portuguese Chicken preparations. The firm claims to be the best in the industry with respect to Portuguese chicken preparations. The Bondi Burger is the main product offering of the restaurant chain. The other products of the chain include rolls, salads, rappas and grilled chicken (Oporto-b, 2010).Oporto follows a mixed pricing strategy. Most of its products are ‘take-away’ in nature. The firm also has a premium priced unit (banquets) to cater to the premium segment of the target market. The firm intends to target a large customer base due to which it follows a mixed pricing strategy.The promotional strategies of Oporto include advertisements of various media channels which include both the print as well as the electronic media. Most of their promotional stuffs revolve around promoting their unique Portuguese recipes for burgers, rolls etc. The company started promotional campaigns like “Go otropo”, “Fiesty” and chicken BLT Rappa (refer appendices) (Oporto, 2010).The people aspect includes all the people associated in the restaurant/firm who are responsible for providing service to the customers. Oporto has ensured that it has