Project As (Esin, 2019, Kazimov & Mahmudova, 2015) asserted, COVID-19 has introduced social-distances and the outsourcing of work environments to the home and the Internet system as the main avenue of work communication and reliability. These shifts in work milieus and paradigm tend to increase chances of records and data breaches, these gaps must be filled, cloud encryption algorithm on digital biometric authentication analysis is presently the unique and reliable system for this magnitude of operations. Public and private organizations, higher education settings, immigration and border custom services are strongly encouraged to adopt integration of cloud encryption algorithm and digital biometric authentication analysis to mitigate the possibility of record and data breaches1. Provide comprehensive narrative on the importance of Physical Security in private and public organizations and higher education settings.2 To what extent are there significant differences between digital biometric authentication analysis and cloud encryption algorithm?Most international students are often challenged by immigration and border custom officials at the point of entry.3. Provide comprehensive description of immigration and border custom officials impressions of traditional identification cards, physical fence, life security officers and electronic fence, surveillance system and biometric authentication analysis.4. Describe advantages and disadvantages of security lighting system displayed in organization commercial, industrial, multi-family residences, and in urban community.5. You have been retained as a Lead Director of information technology (IT) unit at University of the Cumberlands, Social Distance is implemented, normal administrative duties are outsourced to individual residence, non-functional payroll system, students, faculty and staff are off-campus; with your professional IT backgrounds, provide two (2) years plan of action to mitigate and restore confidence on entire institution population in the event of the next COVID-19 pandemic.6. Conclusion7. References:REQUIREMENTS:Well-structured Research Project Paper.(Must include 20 pages and 7 cited reference) Well-organized related(PPT should be related to the research prject) Research Power-Point.(Must Include 15 Slides. Should contain more data and graphs. if present any)INSTRUCTIONS:Must require 20 pages for research paper and 15 slides for PPTNo PlagarismText must be cited properlyMUST include at least seven (7) cited references in accordance with American Psychological Association (APA) formatMUST include a well-organized Title Page and Table of Contents