I will pay for the following essay Environmental health impact assessment.(2). The essay is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.2009, cited in Harris and Spickett 2010, 1)The development of EIA’s methodologies and procedures originated in North America, later in Europe, mainly by ecologists whose concern in assessing the impacts of development activities focused more on human health. Similar efforts were then made for the development of health impact assessment methodologies and procedures,but this had not been as smooth as EIA’s. The (1) ‘lack of epidemiological knowledge regarding dose-response relationships’ and the (2) ill-preparedness of concerned government authorities to release documents showing in concrete figures the impact of development on the incidences of death and diseases made the latter job difficult. The first problem made it difficult to determine the effect of environmental changes on health, for example, the release of pollutants. whereas, the second problem denied hard evidences on the adverse health impacts of development. (Giroult1990, 259) Resultantly, the health components have become the main limitations of many EIA studies.