Write 1 page thesis on the topic lt assignment. Motivation and Demotivation Affiliation: Motivation refers to the selfdrive. It is the ability of an individual to do something out of will because they want to do it. Motivation is very important in our every day lives whether in school, home or the workplace. Motivation can be termed as the willingness and desire to achieve something or meet certain objectives. However, motivation can be be inborn or result from external factors. On the other hand, demotivation is the opposite of motivation. It is a situation where an individual does not have the selfdrive nature. Demotivation is therefore, a situation where one is not focused in achieving or meeting certain goals. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to understand the nature of motivation. whether one is born with it or not, and exploring some factors that lead to demotivation of individuals (Ryan, 2012).Motivation is an attribute that a person can have or lack. Basically, some form of motivation is inborn which is refered to intrinsic type of motivation. This type assumes that each and everybody is born with certain aspects of performance. Motivation that a person is born with can be hereditary. People born motivated excel because they do the things they are passionate about. From that point, things take off. On the contrary, not everyone is born motivated or possessing the selfdrive nature. However, the greatest attribute to motivation is one of extrinsic value which results from external factors. This can be referred to as the main argument in motivation. The way a person is brought up determines the character of that individual. It implies that the greatest boost to motivation is inherited from the environment because it offers an opportunity. On other hand, past experiences make people to become sensitive about opportunities and hence they acknowledge and accept them (Ryan, 2012).On the contrary, people can become demotivated. Sometimes, when an individual lacks to achieve a specific set goal and they had paid full attention into accomplishing it, the result is demotivation. Failure makes some people to give up and lose their motivation. However, failure to some people acts as a form of motivation to work even harder to achieve success. Furthermore, poor performance can lead to demotivation as well as lack of trust say in leadership in a work place (Ryan, 2012).In conclusion, motivation is the desire to achieve while demotivation is the lack of selfdrive nature. Some people can be born with motivation while others cannot. However, the biggest contributor of motivation is learned. On the other hand, people do get demotivated. Failure and low performance as well as losing trust in leadership can lead to motivation. It is therefore important for individuals to be motivated and not let obstacles demotivate them.Reference Ryan. (2012). The Oxford handbook of human motivation. NY: Oxford University Press.