Hi, need to submit a 4000 words paper on the topic Growth and Development of Post WW II Japanese Industry. But this metamorphosis of Japanese industry did not take place overnight by the wave of a magic wand. it took years of concentrated application and single-minded focus of the captains of Japanese industry who were determined to pull the country back from the brink of economic collapse after Second World War that completely destroyed nearly half of Japanese industrial infrastructure. Indeed Second World War, or more precisely the defeat in it, was simply shocking to Japanese society as a whole and dealt a terrible blow to their self-esteem. Stung by the reverse and determined to put the economy back on an even keel, the entire Japanese society, with the industrialists at the forefront, set about on an almost impossible journey of economic revival and ultimate worldwide supremacy that has till now not been duplicated by any other nation in the world. Most economic historians are of the opinion that the unique combination and juxtaposition of various social, political and economic forces that had happened at that point in time would perhaps never be repeated any time in future. The United States, wary of increasing Russian supremacy and desperate to halt communist hegemony at any cost, entered into a military alliance with Japan and the US Government encouraged American companies to license the technology to Japanese manufacturers so that Japanese industry could get back to its own feet at the earliest. It was obvious that self-preservation and creating a strong bulwark against marauding forces of communism was the sole motive behind such generous US behavior. The US military also started getting their vehicles repaired by Japanese companies. These gave a unique opportunity and boost to Japanese industry and in particular its automobile sector. The automobile manufacturers in Japan got an opportunity to know in detail the technology implemented by US automobile majors.