Making a decision on what system to develop and how to develop that system is as important as the actual development itself. Failing to consider all the options and factors involved in systems development may result in a system that fails to satisfy the company requirements. The Group Project for this unit will give you an opportunity to consider some implications and consequences related to the development of the CSS and SCM projects for “The Spring Breaks ‘R’ Us Travel Services” (SBRU).To prepare for this assignment, read the “The Spring Breaks ‘R’ Us Travel Services” (SBRU) case study on pages 63 and 64 of your textbook. Review the questions about the development strategy for these two systems. Some possible changes to the development strategy are also presented.On the basis of this reading, perform the following tasks:Discuss with other group members what changes you might suggest be made to the SBRU strategic IS plan. Select one suggested change, and individually, describe it in 150–200 words. Justify your response. Individually, submit a 1- to 2-page document containing the changes that each group member proposes to the SBRU IS plan and your justification and description of one of the proposed changes. Specify the contributions of each member of the group. Your document should conform to APA style.