Write 4 page essay on the topic Ethical Issues on the Case Ecuador v. Chevron.ween Texaco and Petroecuador resulted into severe damage to the environment following the damage caused on Amazon forest besides contributing significantly to the export earnings of Ecuador. The influence of damages on Amazon forest also caused severe health problems to the indigenous communities through water and soil contamination. Amazon Crude, a report by the Natural Resources Defense Council published in 1992 outlined the degree of the damage. The report identified Petroecuador and Texaco as the main players in drilling, exploration, pipeline practices, as well as waste disposal earlier identified in the US.Two years after publication, a group of residents form Oriente sued Texaco in state courts of Texas. Texaco succeeded in convincing the courts to dismiss the case on grounds of non-conveniens. Later, a different set of residents sued Texaco in the federal District courts found in New York. Texaco has its headquarters in New York. Following the reasons cited in Texas courts, a judge sitting in New York dismissed the case one more. Appellants successfully managed to revive the case in the Court of Appeal for the Second Circuit. The referrals based on the proposal by the plaintiffs that courts in Ecuador did not have the capacity and integrity to try Texaco. Following the remand, Texaco consented to being tried in Ecuador holding that courts in Ecuador were honest and had the muscle to try any company. Judge Rukof dismissed the case again in 2001 based on reasons. This action affirmed the Second Circuit holistically.In 2002, the complainants sued Chevron, the new stakeholders seeking remediation and damages regarding the remaining part of the Amazon forest. In a makeshift courtroom in Lao Agrio, the trial part of the case lasted more than six years (Elliot & Quinn 2012). The location of the town is in Ecuadorian rainforest to allow judges see contaminated water systems, soils, and get the views of residents within the community. The flow of the case as