3, A few recent studies have linked the presence of the artificial sweetener, subsutural, to cancer in laboratory rats. While the validity of these findings has been hotly debated by medical experts, the Food and Drug Administration has ordered products containing the ingredient banned from sale in the U.S. The Jones Company sends all of its sugar-free J.C.Cola (which contains subsutural) to European supermarkets because the sweetener has not been banned there. Is it acceptable for the Jones Company to send an arguably unsafe product to another market without waiting for further evidence?4, The Acme Company sells industrial supplies through its own sales force, which calls on company purchasing agents. Acme has found that providing the purchasing agent with small gifts helps cement cordial relationships and creates goodwill. Acme follows the policy that the bigger the order, the bigger the gift to the purchasing agent. The gifts range from a pair of tickets to a sporting event to outboard motors and snowmobiles. Acme does not give gifts to the personnel at the companies which they know to have an explicit policy prohibiting the acceptance of such gifts. Assuming no laws are violated, is Acme’s policy of providing gifts to purchasing agents morally proper?5, The Buy American Electronics Company has been selling its highly rated System X Color TV sets (21″, 19″, 12″) for $700, $500, $300 respectively. These prices had been relatively uncompetitive in the market. After some study, Buy American substitutes several cheaper components (which engineering says nay reduce the quality of performance slightly) and passes on the savings that consumer has in the form of a $100 price reduction on each model. Buy American institutes a price-oriented promotional campaign which neglects to mention that the second generation System X sets are different from the first. Is the company’s competitive strategy ethical?6, The Smith and Smith Advertising Agency has been struggling financially. Mr. Smith is approached by the representative of a small South American country which is on good terms with the U.S. Department of State. He wants S and S to create a multimillion dollar advertising and public relations campaign which will booster the image of the country and increase the likelihood that it will receive U.S. foreign aid assistance and attract investment capital. Smith knows the country is a dictatorship which has been accused of numerous human rights violations. Is it ethical for the Smith and Smith Agency to undertake the proposed campaign?Assess each of the above six business scenarios posing the marketing ethics issues, and address the ethical questions at the end of each scenarioIn particular, – Detail the role of the various business & consumer marketing functions and processes involved in the decision marking required __ to this effect, explain the connected marketing mix elements as they apply in each scenario, and the perspectives of all stakeholders impacted within each scenario