Write 5 pages with APA style on Collecting Waste Recyclable Products and Different Projects. The project managed to collect as much as forty million pounds of waste materials in this year. The project only concentrated on moving around the Terre community and collecting waste material that is recyclable and delivering it to the enterprise for recycling.As a recycling facility, Indiana State University started out with a Wastage Management department in 1990. This department, at the time, comprised of two old cubic yard compactor trucks, five employees and a Cushman truck. The knowledge regarding recycling was not as plentiful as it is nowadays. In addition, the department did not have the necessary budget to undertake effective recycling activities. However, this did not deter them from recycling aluminum can which was the recycling trend at the time. Since then, the department has grown by leaps and bounds to its current state. At the moment, ISU recycling activities are recognized by the Indiana community. The program has developed a drop-facility and has started accepting e-Scrap. Its recycling statistics are impressive considering they have recycled more than 2 million pounds to date.The main activity was driving around collecting garbage. We would drive around in trucks and load recyclable materials to the trucks. The materials include plastic bottles except those that carried oil, glass bottles, cardboard, old telephone books and any other recyclable materials and glass containers provided they did not contain Pyrex.While recycling trash and garbage, we learned the procedures of handling solid waste in the county of Indiana. In the state, we learned that the Indiana County Solid Waste Authority was the authority in matters regarding the disposal of solid waste. This authority was formed as part of the county’s compliance with the Pennsylvania Act of 101 of 1988. All members of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has to enforce the&nbsp.appropriate solid waste disposal techniques.