Need an argumentative essay on Comparison Between Structure and Function of Human and Animal Eyes. Needs to be 9 pages. Please no plagiarism.This essay stresses that the human eye is adapted to sense different colors and lights of various intensities and adjust according to brightness. Color and light vision involves the simultaneous interaction between the two eyes and brain. When light from the object hits the eye, it is focused by the cornea and lens elements that form transform it to an inverted image. The image successfully transverses the aqueous humor, crystalline lens, gelatinous vitreous body, and vascular ad neuronal layers before it is focused on the surface of the retina. Rod and cone cells found in the retina detect the image, translate the light into a series of electrical signals, and transmit the signals to the brain.This report makes a conclusion that vision is insidious in the animal kingdom since. it is the sensory organ that is relied upon in finding reproductive mates, suitable food, shelter, and escaping from predators and danger. The study of human and animal’s eyes show wild disparities in their mode of vision and anatomical features. Human vision is presented as sometimes ineffective as in detecting infrared and ultraviolet lights, or overly sophisticated than that of felines. This study is important to help researchers to find cure for human eye diseases and explain the adaptation of animals to their environment. The visual perception of living creatures is dependent on how they process light using their photoreceptors.