Short AnswersMinimum of 1000 characters and a maximum of 4000 characters (200 to 800 words) are required for each short answer question before the application can be submitted. We strongly recommend that you do the following:Read      all the questions first. Outline your response to each      question before you begin writing, making sure to address all parts of the      question fully and completely. ­­ Use different examples in      different responses to build the most complete picture of yourself as a      unique student applicant. The more details you include, the stronger your      answers will be. ­­ Type out your responses to the      short answer questions in a Microsoft Word or Notepad document (like this      template) to ensure safe keeping if you need to leave the application      before submitting.  Share draft with a teacher or      relative to review and ask for feedback. The Bellevue College Center for Career Connections is      available to assist applicants with career &/or education advising and      planning. More information can be found on their website. 1. Why is going to college important to you? How would receiving this scholarship help you achieve your goals?2. Describe your academic and professional goals and your plans for achieving them. If you haven’t yet decided, you may write about the possibilities that currently appeal to you. How and why did you choose these goals? How do you know they suit you, and why do you think you’ll be successful in completing them?3. How have your life experiences influenced why you want to go to college and/or what you want to study? Describe a time you worked hard towards a goal and what you learned from that experience. How did you grow? How will this help you in the future?4. Describe your strengths and weaknesses. What personal characteristics, attitudes, traits, and habits will help you be successful at college and why? What characteristics, attitudes, traits, and habits might get in the way of your success, and what is your plan for managing them?5. Do you have a mentor or role model you can turn to for support while you are in college? Tell us about him or her. How has this person helped you in the past, and how will they continue to help you? If possible, please write about a non-family member.6. What has your community given you, and how do you give back? Your community can include your family, school, neighborhood, church, service organizations, clubs, businesses, government organizations, or any other sector of the region where you live.7. Tell us about a topic or subject you like to learn about outside of the classroom. What sparked your interest in the subject? What have you learned and how have you learned it?