I will pay for the following essay Developing small business. The essay is to be 15 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.A strong economy aids consumer confidence and encourages the propensity to eat out. Another study that surveyed 456 companies in UK in the same industry found that “There has never been a better time for these dynamic companies to splash the cash.”(Big Hospitality 2008). Another report from researchand predicts that “The UK catering market will produce further steady growth over the period from 2008 to 2012”. It further adds, “Over the longer term, the UK economy is expected to remain favourable, and a strong incoming tourist market should continue to boost sales”. Many leading operators and pub chains have planned expansion and refurbishment with the greater emphasis on food, should also encourage sales growth.In view of these positive trends from the industry, it is therefore proposed that a Restaurant be setup in London to capitalize on the opportunity presented. However, keeping in mind the large number of existing Restaurants already prevailing, it is proposed that the said restaurant should include something different from others that can attract the public and ultimately hook them to the food and ambience. The emphasis is equally on ambience as the plans are to provide visitors with an experience so invigorating to all their senses.This proposal aims to create a multi bandwidth, multimedia, distributed virtual reality (VR) environment for entertainment, socializing, eating out and for stimulating and providing fulfilling experiences to all the human senses with a new paradigm. A virtual environment, where surroundings are immersive, i.e. the guests are inside a three dimensional, multi-sensorial world. This can be achieved with the help of stereoscopy, motion, and 3D sound woven together to create the illusion of being inside virtual worlds. Presentations developed using multimedia technologies are interactive as well. Guests have the abilities to move, look around, and act upon objects