I will pay for the following article Managing Knowledge and Global Information System. The work is to be 11 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Implementing the e-business model also means building and maintaining databases. Databases comprise of huge amounts of data and data coming from different sources need to be integrated. The huge amounts of information available over the internet also raise other challenges. The biggest one is proper storage and retrieval of this information, especially inter-organizational information. All this requires knowledge management. Knowledge Management is the process of gathering, analyzing, storing, and sharing knowledge and information within an organization.Another problem with such huge amounts of data coming from different sources is that it needs to be brought onto a common platform. All incompatibilities related to storage and retrieval need to be removed and for this a common format for databases is used within the organization. This is known as Enterprise Systems, that is, systems that support and are used by the entire enterprise.We shall now discuss how HZ Electronics can use Knowledge Management and Enterprise Systems to help them properly and successfully implement the e-business model. We shall also mainly focus on the sales department since this is the department that needs to handle huge amounts of data, coming from different sources daily, to function smoothly and make informed decisions.The aim of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems is to integrate data coming from different sources into a unified system in the organization. This is especially needed in the sales department since a sales department has to handle data coming from customer, including feedback, suggestions, and complaints, from the dealers and the sales representatives and be able to integrate this data within the organization to be able to give back the feedback to the manufacturing department.ERP implementation is a major investment and before we take up such a huge enterprise we need to ensure that it will be successful.&nbsp.