Compose a 1250 words essay on Analytically writing. Needs to be plagiarism free!t accepted cause behind this abrupt political change in the Arab Region is often considered as the peoples’ dissatisfaction, social media had played a crucial role in these uprisings in the Arab countries. Referring to the enormous role of internet and other social medias, Clay Shirky comments that “Social media have become coordinating tools for nearly all of the world’s political movements” (30). This assumption has been reflected thoroughly in the case of ‘Arab Spring’. In fact, the ‘Arab Spring’ was not any single event. rather it had been the climax of peoples’ discontent against the authoritarian and oppressive governments, which were mostly regimes in nature. Though peoples’ discontent with their political system reaches the climax during the 2010s, this discontent was fuming up through the preceding decades. Social media as well as other social communication networks help these people to take the manifestation of their dissatisfactions to the climax through an organized and unified effort. Social Medias like facebook, youtube, tumblr, twitter, etc helped those people to communicate, share and arrange the movements successfully. It is assumed that if peoples’ discontent had not ripened the background of the movement along the preceding decades, Social Medias themselves could not have staged the revolution. In this sense, social medias can be considered as sociopolitical tools which empower the mass with the awareness of the role of their political authorities in the betterment of public life.The assumption that ‘social medias’ are tools of peoples’ sociopolitical awareness is supported by Clay Shirky. In his article, referring to the ouster of Estrada Government through a violent public protest, Shirky claims that the “potential of social media lies mainly in their support of civil society and the public sphere –change measured in years and decades rather weeks and months” (30). It is assumed that social medias have played