Please show all work and keep significant digits in mind. Thank you!Attachment 1Attachment 2Assignment 1, Question 8 Three vectors A, B, and C each has a magnitude of 40.0 units.Their directions relative to the positive :1: axis are 30.0", 900°,and 120°, respectively. Using analytical methods, calculate themagnitude and direction of the following combinations, aA+B—Gb.2(A+C)—3B. Assignment 1, Question 9 A ferry leaves the terminal and travels 124 km in a direction12D" north of west to island A. After a short stop, the ferrytravels 85.4km in a direction 261]" west of south to island B.The ferry then completes the round trip by returning directlyto the terminal. a. Draw a vector diagram that describes the entire journey. b. What is the displacement (magnitude and direction) ofthe ferry in the last trip?